I’m running for the Helsinki City Council in 2017 municipal elections. I’m a candidate on the list of The National Coalition Party, Kokoomus.

I’m a 33-year-old programmer and a father for a small child from the Hermanni neighbourhood. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Engineering in programming technology and currently I work at the IT-consultant company Siili Solutions. My work is centered around the development of digital services.

I am also an active member in the Environment Committee of Helsinki and City Board’s Information Technology division.

Joona Haavisto - Geek dad, coder

Helsinki needs more urban density, more higher buildings – without forgetting sustainable values. Urbanisation is an unavoidable global megatrend, which should be responded to by building more city. The traffic in Helsinki needs to be developed as a whole with special attention to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Robot cars and automated transport will change the city traffic, and we should be prepared. Helsinki has a lot to learn and utilise from the possibilities of digitalisation which could improve the life of its habitants.

Agile Helsinki

Everyone in Helsinki should have a say in how Helsinki is built and into what it’s made, and how our capital will grow to be the most attractive place in Scandinavia to live, visit and work in.

The election will be held on 9 April 2017. Advance voting starts on March 29 to April 4 for those voting locally; and from March 29 to April 1 for persons voting overseas.

My candidate number is 44.

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